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What's Advanced Course?


Advanced Course is for high school students who participate Coral Reef Science Camp, extended “higher-level” fieldwork and research activity at KIKAI Institute for a week. The participants will learn how to write a research report. The report will be published in the academic journal of KIKAI Institute. We will support you to have a poster presentation at Japan Coral Reef Society Meeting 2018 (Nov or Dec 2018).



Program Schedule

Aug 4 - Aug 8:

- Fieldwork and Research with team

Aug 8 - Aug 9:

- Consultation about a research thesis with a mentor (Professional researcher)

- Coral Reef Science Lecture

Aug 10 -12:

- "High-level" fieldwork and scientific experiments

Aug 13 -14:

- Writing a research report

Aug 15:

- Closing Ceremony

- All participants will get a license of young researcher certificated by KIKAI Institute.


*We will arrange a time for self-learning every day. You can use this time for your homework of summer vacation and /or study for entrance exams.



A seminar room in KIKAI Institute for coral reef science or the other accommodation in Kiaki island



Breakfast and dinner is available

(Participation fee includes meal fee.)



What to bring (additional)

- Lunch expense

- Textbook or Homework for self-learning time

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