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“First-class” Coral Reef Research Program in KIKAI-jima for KIDS!

    KIKAI-jima is an uplifted coral reef island with the second fastest uplift rate in the world. KIKAI Institute for Coral Reef Sciences was established to unlock the mysteries of the island’s formational history. We, coral reef scientists in Kikai Institute are working on “first-class” scientific research in the fields of oceanography, geology, ecology, and biology. In addition, we are holding educational activities to promote and extend our scientific interests: Natural Science and Coral Reef Science.


              -Encourage prospective scientists at coral reef island, KIKAI-jima.- In the coming summer, we will hold a scientific-educational program “Coral Reef Science Camp 2018 in KIKAI-jima”, inviting kids (elementary, junior high, and high school students) who have potential to be the next leaders in coral reef research. This is a great opportunity for them to meet current leaders (scientists) working on coral reefs, and to experience “first-class” research with scientific materials in their natural environment.


              Dear ALL PROSPECTIVE KIDS SCIENTISTS who have an interest in marine life and geosciences, we are waiting for YOU and encourage you to JOIN. Welcome to the world of CORAL REEFS SCIENCES!!


KIKAI Institute for coral reef sciences

KIKAI Institute for coral reef sciences

  Coral reefs thrive for at least 500 million years, but recently, anthropogenic impacts such as, global warming, ocean acidification, coastal development and marine pollution threaten the world’s coral reefs. To predict the future of coral reefs, we are required to look back into the past to see how coral reefs have evolved simultaneously to changing climatic and oceanic conditions and how those changes have developed our modern coral reef ecosystems.


  The KIKAI Institute is located on the beautiful Kikai Island in the Amami region of Japan on extraordinary uplifted coral reefs, which border tropical and temperate regions. Since 2014 the field-based and self-financed institute, in association with the Coral Reef Environmental Earth Sciences Lab (CREES) at Hokkaido University, has provided a place for cutting-edge science to unlock the island’s coral history and to nurture current and next generations of scientists.

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Program Schedule
Saturday, Aug 3


5:00 PM

Kikai Airport or KIKAI Institute

(Staff will pick the participants up at Kikai Airport. The staff will wait at the exit holding a welcome board.)

5:00 PM -

Opening ceremony

(All participants will be divided into 4 research teams.)

Curry Cooking!

Sunday, Aug 4



Snorkeling Activity

(Learning how to conduct marine fieldwork with snorkel)

*We will have the alternative program if we cannot hold snorkeling activity because of the weather or sea state.

*Please let us know if you cannot join the snorkeling activity because of your health conditions.



Research Team Activity

(Collecting research materials: modern/fossil corals, bivalves, fish, and water samples...)

Monday, Aug 5



Research Team Activity

(Experiments using microscopes, water tanks (aquarium), and chemical materials...)



Mid-term Research Presentation


Star watching

(There are cases in which cancellations are made due to rain and strong wind.)

Tuesday, Aug 6



Presentation practice for KIKAI symposium (Making a research poster)



KIKAI symposium for coral reef sciences for kids (Poster presentation)

(Citizen of Kikai-town and members of KIKAI Institute will be invited.)


KIKAI International symposium for coral reef sciences

(Keynote lecture)



Farewell Party

(BBQ with all participants of the symposium)


Wednesday, Aug 7


Closing Ceremony

(All participants of Coral Reef Science Camp will get a license of young scientist certificated by KIKAI Institute.)

10:00 AM


(Kikai Airport or KIKAI Institute)​​

Advanced Course
for High-School Students
Aug 7 - Aug 14

Extended “higher-level” fieldwork and research activities at KIKAI Institute for another week.


The participants will learn how to write a research report. We will support you to have a poster presentation at Japan Coral Reef Society Meeting 2018 (Nov or Dec 2018).



Click Here For More Info!


Application Guideline


-  3rd grade of elementary students – Jr. high school students  (Age: 9 or 10 - 14 or 15)

-  Saturday, Aug 3– Wednesday, Aug 7, 2019 (4 nights)


3 days research activity with a team (member: Lecturer, Elementary students, Jr. high students, High school student, University student or MC/DC student (volunteer))

*For University students!! We are recruiting volunteers to work together with us. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in volunteer work at Coral Reef Science Camp 2018 in Kikai-jima.




-  High school students (Age: 15 - 18)

-  Saturday, Aug 3 – Wednesday, Aug 14, 2019 (11 nights)


Extended “higher-class” fieldwork and research activity at KIKAI Institute for another week after Junior Course. The participants will learn how to write a research report.



Participants Number:

Junior Course: 36 pax

Advanced Course 12 pax

*The minimum amount of running participant is 10 students.

*In case of too many applications, we will hold a draw for slot allocation.


Participation Fee:

Junior Course: 50,000 JPY

Advanced Course: 100,000 JPY

- Participation fee includes:

Accommodation, meal, insurance, travel expense during the program, research material fee

- Participation fee does NOT include:

Travel expense between your house and Kikai island

- "Amami islands discount" is for the participant who is elementary, junior high, and high school student in Amami islands.


What to bring:

Clothes (for 4 days, for fieldwork), Sneakers, Sandals (for beach fieldwork), Swimwear, T-shirt and Half-pants (for marine fieldwork), Groves, Cap, Bath towels (at least 2 towels), Beach towels (at least 2 towels), Notebook, Stationery, Health insurance card, Necessary medicine, Sunscreen, Insect repellant, Sleeping bag

Snorkel, Snorkel mask, Fins (Rental products are available at KIKAI Institute)


How to apply:

Via website "Apply here!" or E-mail with participant's personal information:

1. Participant's Name

2. School Grade (Age)

3. Gender

4. Home address

5. Guardian's (or parent's) Name

6. Contact information (TEL and E-mail address)

7. The participant's motivation for this program

8. "What you are expecting of Coral Reef Science Camp 2018 in Kikai-jima."

If you apply via E-mail, please send to the following address with subject line "Apply for Coral Reef Science Camp";

mail: mail (at) (Please replace "at" with "@.")



Application period:

May 12  - Jun 30, 2019

Contact Us:

KIKAI Institute for coral reef sciences

TEL: +81-(0)997-66-0200

e-mail:mail (at) (Please replace "at" with "@.")


Additional Info:

- Meeting and dismissal at Kikai island.

- Please feel free to contact us if you have a question about transportation (to Kikai island).

- Guardians (or Parents) can accompany the participant to Kikai island. We kindly ask you to refrain from attending the full program. However, we have some events that the parents attend the program (Welcome party, Symposium, and Farewell party).

- All participants will get travel insurance. Insurance fee is included.

- The program may change in case of rain.

- If the flight is canceled due to a typhoon or bad weather, the program will also be canceled.

- We will send you detail information (including cancel policy) and an application form if you apply via this website. Please read all documents and resend a filled application form.



Q:Can you pick participants up at Kikai Airport or Kikai ferry terminal to KIKAI Institue?

A:Yes we can. Please let us know your flight/ferry schedule if you need to be picked up.


Q:Where will participants stay during the program?

A:In KIKAI institute. We have large rooms for accommodation.


Q:Can the parents attend the program, too?

A:Sorry. We kindly ask you to refrain from attending the full program because we promote children's' independent learning and activity. However, we have some events where parents can attend the program (Welcome party, Symposium, and Farewell party).


Q:Can you reserve the accommodation for the parents?

A:Sorry, we cannot. Please, reserve accommodation by yourself. We can give you the hotel information in Kikai island if you need.


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KIKAI Institute for coral reef sciences

 ​​Tel: +81-(0)997-66-0200   e-mail:

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